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Welcome to The Official Witte Home Page. Or maybe this is the Unofficial Witte Home Page? Who gets to decide that, anyway?

This all started out when I was doing some searches on the web for the name "Witte" (that's short i, long e). I was surprised how many hits I got and started keeping track of them. The next thing you know, this web page materialized. And, no, there is no real purpose for this page and it should not be confused with serious genealogy. Actually, this page should not be considered serious at all. 

Of course, being a highly-selective and sophisticated web page, we only link to the very best of the worldwide web (or something like that). Since the worldwide web is constantly changing, it is quite a chore to keep up with it and I am getting more selective as time goes on. My criteria for including links on this page is completely arbitrary and changes frequently.

This web page is meant for educational purposes only. Void where prohibited. Batteries not included. No other warranty expressed or implied. Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment. May be too intense for some readers.

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Witte Information


The Witte entry on Wikipedia
    (this has a bunch of good information)



The Witte Museum  - San Antonio's premier museum -



The Witte Company - standard and custom process equipment
The Witte Brothers Exchange -transportation and trucking company
Witte Travel and Tours - Grand Rapids, MI
Franz Witte nursery and landscaping - Boise, ID
RJ Witte & Associates - Internet consulting and programming
The Witte Law Office (Norman C. Witte) in Lansing, MI
Tom Witte - artist and animator (interesting, animated web site)
Witte Automotive - manufacturer of automotive parts in Germany
Witte Tools - a tool company in Australia
Witte Insurance - insurance agency in Fishers, IN
Witte Supply Company -  landscape and concrete supplies in Burlington, WI
Witte Stables - as in horses, Scottsdale, AZ
Witte Lawn Maintenance - Michigan  
Witte's Barbeque and Steak House, La Vernia, TX
Witte's Vegetable Market - West Bend, WI
Witte's Vegetable Farm - Cedarburg, WI

Other Notable Witte Sites 

Count Witte - 1849-1915, Russian premier
The Witte Engine -
The Whetstone of Witte
Witte Residence Hall - University of Wisconsin
The Witte Hardware Company (historical)
Photo of Witte Hardware in St Louis


Interest Statistics on the Name Witte analysis of Witte as a last name



Bob Witte  Author of  Where Does it Say That?, a book about Mormonism (definitely NOT me)
Brad Witte (Short i, Long e) you know, the famous one from Cambridge, Nebraska
Christopher Witte a student in Berlin
Carsten Witte  I'd tell you more about this site but it is in German which I cannot read :-(
                          Or click here for an English translation
Courtney Witte with the Philadelphia 76ers
David Witte  David Witte living in Fairfield, CA, originally from Oshkosh, WI.
David J. Witte  musician, entertainer
Edwin Witte  University of Wisconsin economist, father of the Social Security Act
Jason Witte artist, Seattle, Washington
Jerry Witte  baseball player, St. Louis Browns (1946)
Jenny Witte blogger at Huffington Post
Jessica Witte artist, spouse of the famous Brad Witte of Cambridge, Nebraska
Joe Witte  CNBC Meteorologist (wikipedia entry)  - The Official Witte Home Page Most-Televised Witte
JohnWitte instructor at University of Oregon
John Witte  from the Netherlands
Kicka Witte photographer
Kirt Witte photographer
Markus Witte   Markus Witte's home page [In German, I mean, Deutsch]
Michelle Witte freelance writer/editor 
Mike Witte  Mike and his family from Germany (some English on the web site)
Norman Witte Attorney in Lansing, MI
Nicole Witte - a model in the Netherlands (arguably the best looking Witte on the Internet)
Sarah Witte reference librarian at Columbia University

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